About This Page

Welcome to the African-Americans and South Carolina home page. This page was born in February of 1997 and began with only a few entries. But, with your help, it will grow and improve.

The purpose of this page is to create a dynamic and growing body of information about the role and history of African-Americans in South Carolina. The need for this page grew out of the creators' experience in writing a social studies text for the State Department of Education. Before the text had even been printed, information needed updating and in some cases correcting. Publication costs limited the amout of information that could be included, especially pictures. Although 40,000 copies were printed and distributed to classrooms all over the state, not all requests at libraries could be filled. If books were lost or checked out, people were denied or had delayed access.

Web based publishing leaps over these paper constraints. The information, stories, interpretive essays, and pictures attached to this page will grow and change. It will always be under construction, just as any scholarly body of knowledge is never complete.

We hope this page will be of use to students of South Carolina politics and history of all ages and cultural backgrounds. It is offered in the spirit of what we call inclusive multi-culturalism, the idea that what we know as South Carolina is the creation of many people from many different cultures and traditions.

We invite your comments, suggestions, and submissions.

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